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Log: Yukimura & Nanjiroh - • ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG • [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Log: Yukimura & Nanjiroh [Dec. 20th, 2006 @ 10:20 pm]
• ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG •
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Starring Yukimura Seiichi and Echizen Nanjiroh.
During the week before Christmas.
Rated PG for Nanjiroh's pervy side and thoughts about breasts.
In it Yukimura gets confused with a girl while he was doing his Christmas shopping.

His last Christmas purchases just done and with some money left for his other and more interesting intentions, Nanjiroh walked down one of the most popular streets of Shibuya, his monk robes drawing the instant attention of the bystanders towards him. With his mind on the new issue of Hot & blonde, which he was planning on buying that day, he did not notice such looks... nor the presence of a wheelchair in his path.

Not until he crashed against itand its occupant with a loud crash, that is.

The lace was dreamy, Yukimura thought absentmindedly, but he doubted Rin would appreciate him buying him a woman's hat with lace and embroidery for Christmas. Still, it was relaxing to look at, especially after the rather painful examination at the hospital. Pain was about to be multiplied though, as someone suddenly crashed head on into him, toppling his wheelchair over.

Barely catching himself with his good hand, Yukimura blinked a couple of times, trying to figure out what was up and down in the world, because he really didn't have a clue. And he hurt. "Mister", he stuttered, shock making his voice even more high pitched than usual. "Are... Are you all right?"

He was more than all right. Nanjiroh was in his personal Heaven, his face buried amidst a mass of black locks that smelt faintly of cinnamon and being addressed by a soft, sweet voice. How could he possibly be more all right?

Well, apparently he could, because when he stood up he saw the most delicate face he had ever dreamt of -except in that dream where Kournikova had... and in that other one in which that Angelina Jolie chick had... but never mind them now-, and said face was looking at him with worry and care. "Yes, yes, heheheh, I'm fine," he answered, rubbing his hands together gleefully. "Are you all right? Here, let Nanjiroh help you up."

Okay, this man... Hold on a second, that wasn't just any man. Yukimura knew that face. Echizen Nanjiroh, Samurai Nanjiroh. Dear gods... Well, he had to keep a straight face, keep the man from knowing that he recognized him, since - from the looks of it - he was visiting the town in cognito. "Please... I need to get back into the wheelchair. Thank you, sir."

"EEEH?" Scooping this beauty into his arms, carrying her around, booking a ship passage with her and telling her to open her eyes and look at the ocean and fly while the sea air ran through their hair... and all right, he was getting a little sidetracked there, but really, having such a beautiful girl in his arms? Of course he was going to help her! "Sure," he said, lifting the small body in the air easily and settling it on the wheelchair. "There. Eeeeh..." he fidgeted, wondering what to say to stop the girl from going away but not even thinking of apologizing. "Eh... are you sure you are all right? You look very pale."

"I'm fine." Well, obviously he weren't, but the pain was slowly subduing and he would manage. Besides, he didn't want to bother Samurai Nanjiroh after all. The guy had to be a really good actor though, since he came off as a lecher more than anything. Impressive. "I've just been to the hospital, so if I'm pale, it's because of that. Not anything you did, sir."

"WHAT?" bellowed Nanjiroh in one of his classical Karupin-I-can't-believe-that-you-just-ate-my-dinner shouts. "You have just been to a hospital and you are walking... well, not walking, but, well, whatever, through the pollution in this street? No way, no way, that can't keep on happening. There is a very nice park next to this place, and I'm taking you there until you don't look so pale," he said, getting behind the wheelchair as he spoke and starting to push it towards the nice, peaceful and overall secluded park he usually read -or looked at- his magazines for the first time.

Okay, now what was happening? And why was Najiroh-san being so incredibly kind to him? A thought dawned on Yukimura, but he quickly pushed it away before it had any chance of really forming properly in his head.

No. Probably not. Just ridiculous that he would even get that notion... He offered Nanjiroh-san a weak smile, eyelashes fluttering as the sun blinded him momentarily. "Tha--- thank you so much."

Nanjiroh's heart skipped a beat, and his feet stumbled -although that might have been his natural gracelessness- as he saw that smile, but he kept on pushing the wheelchair towards the destination he had in mind.

"Never mind, little kid, never mind. I crashed against you, didn't I?" And now... what to talk about? He was not going to keep silent until he arrived at the park. "So, what is a cute kid like you doing on a wheelchair in the middle of Tokyo?" Not his best pick-up line, but it would have to do.

"Oh, that's pretty strange, isn't it?" Yukimura shook his head slowly, shading his eyes from the sunlight. "Nothing really, I just went here on my regular check-up, that's all. And I decided to enjoy the town a bit. Watch all the Christmas decorations and all."

"They sure are pretty, aren't they?" Personally, Nanjiroh had not really noticed the Christmas lights, his eyes usually being fixed at ground level -or, to be more precise, at chest level- but it would not hurt to try to appeal this girls sensib... ouch! Just what was that rock doing in the middle of the sidewalk? Somebody could trip and fall... which was what had just happened to Nanjiroh.

"Ah, sorry, sorry," said the man, straightening up and seizing the wheelchair handles again. "My foot slipped... admiring the decorations, right, heh, that's it."

The wheelchair made a small jolt and Yukimura blinked, more surprised than anything else, and he looked warily back at Nanjiroh, wondering silently to himself how much of it that really was an act. Really. "You didn't hurt yourself, did you? Do you want me to have a look at your knee perhaps?"

Nanjiroh's bright smile didn't speak much about pain. "Sure, sure! It hurts, it really does! Let's arrive at the park I was telling you about first, all right? And then I'll let you look at my knee and at whatever else you want to look!" Unfortunately for him, what he thought was an intriguing, appealing wink was, in fact, most unattractive.

"... Right." Be polite. This was Echizen Nanjiroh, you had to be polite. Because he was actually taking his time off speaking with him. So, polite was the way to go. "Well, let's hurry then..."

"Hurrying it is, heh!" Even though his pace was faster, Nanjiroh kept his attention -uncharacteristically- focused on the ground he was treading on, careful not slip again.

They arrived at the park he had been talking about in a pretty short time, and Nanjiroh directed the wheelchair towards a secluded -very secluded- spot. "There, here we are," he said, sitting on a wooden bench under a huge willow.

Yukimura looked around, pleased with the spot, but a bit surprised that there weren't any people around. Maybe it wasn't a popular park then...? He decided not to dwell on that fact, there were more important business to attend too. "Please, Echizen-san... Show me your knee?"

Please, huh? How nice. Nanjiroh smiled wolfishly and raised the hem of his monk robes, revealing a very muscled -and hairless- calf and a slightly red knee. "No, it doesn't h... oooow owowowowow, it hurts it hurts it huuuurts!!!" Was that the way to win the pretty kid over?

It honestly didn't look too bad, but if the man was unfortunate, maybe he had cracked the knee and it just wasn't showing yet. Then again, would he be able to walk as fast as he had done with a badly hurt knee...? Yukimura gently ran his hand over the knee, feeling taut muscles and hot skin against his fingers. He kept his eyes adverted from Nanjiroh's thigh and higher, since who knew if he wore something underneath the robe or not? He probably did, it being winter and all, but you never really knew, did you? "It doesn't look all that bad... Where does it hurt the most?"

Nanjiroh shivered as he felt the kid's soft fingertips caress his skin... or maybe he shivered because the fingers on his knee were very cold. "Ouch!" he complained loudly, without specifying why - let the pretty kid think that it was because of is knee injury.

"Your hands are cold," he said after a few seconds, grabbing at the fingers on his knee and rubbing them between his own hands.

Yukimura flinched, as if it was he himself that had been hurt and he frowned up at the man, thinking that maybe it truly was something seriously wrong with him. Nanjiroh's next action startled him, but he didn't pull away, merely smiled and said: "Thank you..."

Heeeeheh... Nanjiroh kept on rubbing their hands together, making internal victory signs that, he hoped, did not show on his face. "Anytime," he answered, as one of his hands moved to pat the kid's face in an apparently-paternal way. "Ah! Your face is cold too! I'm sure you are cold all over. Heh, we just can't have you catching a cold, we just can't..." And he raised Yukimura in the air and sat him on the bench, wrapping his shoulders with his arms and rubbing at his arms, the inner victory signs becoming happy victory dances.

Well, he was cold, that was true enough, but something about the entire situation rang rather strange anyway. He blinked, unable to say anything at all as he suddenly found himself hoisted in the air and placed on the rather cold bench. "Uhm... This is very thoughtful of you, Echizen-san... Uhm..."

Eeeh? The kid was shivering? Nanjiroh smiled brightly, glad to see that he had not lost his touch in the many years in which Rinko had kept him confined to herself -when she was in the mood- and to a few fairly innocent magazines. "Still cold? Heheheh... here, Nanjiroh will warm you up..."

Nanjiroh's hand moved to the kid's chest, hoping to find something... that he did not find. "Eeeeh?"

Was Echizen Nanjiroh actually hitting on him? Groping him? No... Really, he couldn't, right? He was... only... trying to... warm him... up. Right. At Nanjiroh's surprised sound Yukimura had to look up however, blinking. "Echizen-san, please... This is hardly appropriate. And is something wrong?"

Frowning, Nanjiroh gulped, trying to find certain appendages that he could not find on the pretty kid's chest. "Breeeeasts!" he whined. Sure, the kid's torso had been pretty flat, as flat as a boy's, but... eeeh? Maybe she was not a she but a he?

Nanjiroh's hand shot downwards, and if he had not found any flesh where he had expected to, he did find now some flesh where he had not expected to. The girl was a boy. Desperation. Drama. The end of the world. Whyyyyyy?

Yukimura's eyes widened considerably as he felt Nanjiroh grope him down there and he jerked back as good as he could, his body refusing to cooperate properly. Instead he fell down on the ground, blinking disoriented as he tried to regain his focus. "Breast? Why would I have... And what are you doing...?!"

Nothing could possible have made its way through Nanjiroh's thick skull to his mind by then, and so he did not register that Yukimura was on the ground; the man was yanking at his own hair, wailing "Why, whyyy?" at the top of his lungs, and ignoring everything else. Why could he never get a pretty girl to pay any attention to him?

This was... definately weird, and Yukimura wished he was at home, cooped up in his room, preferably chatting with Rin over the phone, but he obviously wasn't, and maybe it was time for him to get away from here. But doing that meant he had to get to his wheelchair and he doubted he'd be able to do that without getting help from Nanjiroh. And trying to get the man's attention seemed pretty... difficult, to say the least. "Echizen-san, please! Calm down..."

"I'm calm, but why? Why couldn't you be a pretty girl?" Not that the boy wasn't pretty, he was, but... Heeeh, wait a second. The boy was pretty. Almost as pretty as Pretty Kid in the boy's team, only not as pretty, because, well, Nanjiroh had always had a soft spot for light hair. And then he had gone and married Rinko, who did not have it.

Although Pretty Kid looked less like a girl than Girly Kid there did.

Calming down quite radically, Nanjiroh kneeled at the boy's side, smiling faintly. "Heeeh... sorry, sorry. Are you all right?"

Looking slightly apprehensive at the man, Yukimura blinked a few times before nodding slowly, giving the man a weak smile. "Yes... No... I'm a bit cold, and I think that maybe I should go home now..."

Nanjiroh grimaced a bit, but soon that genial smile was back to his face. "Sure, sure. Would you like Nanjiroh to walk you there... what's your name, anyways?"

"I'm Yukimura Seiichi, former captain of Rikkaidai's tennis team. It's... Uhm... A pleasure to meet you." He nodded slowly, then looked over at his chair. "Just get me into that one first, okay? Please?"

Girly Kid played tennis? All right, what was the deal with female-like tennis players? One day somebody, most probably Buchou Kid, would come to him and tell him that his own son was like a girl too, and that it was his fault for teaching him to play tennis. Blah, tennis players nowadays weren't as manly as they were back in his winning days.

And what did manly men do? Hmm... help females in distress, of course. Well, this one wasn't exactly in distress -and wasn't exactly a female either, but that clarification did not cross Nanjiroh's mind- but he could help him anyways. "Sure, sure," he said, picking Girly Kid up and sitting him on his chair. "There," he announced, proudly... and quite uselessly too.

"Ah, thank you so much", Yukimura nodded gratefully, eyeing Nanjiroh carefully. "Listen... I'm... I'm sorry if I turned out to be something you thought I wasn't, but..." He wanted to add that grown men should hit on junior high schoolers to begin with, but he just couldn't bring himself to say that, since that would sound highly disrespectful, wouldn't it?

Nanjiroh shook his head. "Never mind that, kid, never mind that! Now, which way is your house? And you shall have to give me your phone number too so I can check on your, huh... condition, yes, that's it! And maybe play a match when you get better, huh?" He winked again.

"Actually, I don't live in Tokyo... So it would be helpful if you only take me to the train station, please." He didn't answer the rest of Nanjiroh's request, since he doubted he would ever get better, and talking about his disease and tennis at the same time... No, he just couldn't do that yet.

Nanjiroh pouted. It would have been cute in a eleven years old schoolgirl, but it was downright disturbing on his face. "Ah, well," he sighed. "I will have to, won't I?" He pushed the wheelchair out of the park and towards the next train station, chatting the whole time. "...and then she said, 'I like it when you win your tournaments, you sexy thing', and she took her shirt off! Heh, don't you agree that there is nothing like being the best tennis player around, Girly Kid?"

The trip to the station had been painful to say the least, and Yukimura struggled with all his might to keep the polite smile on his face, listening to the man go on and on about this and that and various female bodies and this and that and then sex and females and tennis and sex. Singleminded much...? Oh... dear. "I guess I agree with you, but I'm more into it for the thrill of winning other than the off court bonuses one might get..."

Nanjiroh shrugged. "You will grow out of that idea, kid. Now, which train do you have to take? Do you want me to go with you?"

Alone in a train car - because not a lot of people would take the train this early in the day, most people were still at work - with Echizen Nanjiroh after the man had actually felt him up...? Not an attractive idea, but then again, it would probably be impolite to refuse, since he was kind enough to offer to go with him... But still. No. "It leaves from platform 24 I think... And it would be a pleasure, but I'm afraid I have to decline..."

Nanjiroh pouted. Again. "Aaaaw. C'mon, kid, it'll be fun. Some time together, you and me... Still no? Well, you owe me for not having breasts. Hey, we'll have a great time together... What do you say? Still say no?" The man sighed, but gave in and directed the wheelchair towards platform 24. "Oh, well, whatever you want, then."

"I'm not saying we can't meet another day", Yukimura said carefully, trying to hide a cough behind his hand. "I'm just not at my absolute best today, that's why I have to say no. I'm planning on sleeping on the train, and I wouldn't be a good company to you, I'm afraid..."

Nanjiroh's bright smile would have put the Sun -or any the brilliance in the eyes of any other hentai fan who had just found a new issue of their favourite magazine, for that matter- to shame. "Heeeh, sure, sure, let's meet another day. Here," he scribbled a few numbers on a piece of papers and put it in Yukimura's hands before pushing the wheelchair inside the train the boy had to take. "Call me when you come back to Tokyo, eh, Girly Kid?"

"... Right. I will." And with that the doors slid shut behind him and he was left dazed, staring around the near empty train car, wondering what the heck had just happened.