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Log: Mizuki and Fuji - • ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG • [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Log: Mizuki and Fuji [Feb. 7th, 2007 @ 08:10 pm]
• ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG •


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Who: Fuji, Mizuki
Where: The main room of the mansion, around midnight.
Rating: PG..? Low.
About: Yuuta, of course. What else?! Also the murder schemes of Mizuki involving Saeki.

The late time made for a rather quiet mansion. Not completely quiet, not since there were a group of teenage boys living here after all, but still. Quiet enough for Fuji to dare to venture outside his room - that was part of the reason he was heading down towards the main room as the hour came close to midnight, the second reason was that he needed to get away from Tezuka for a little while. The main room wasn't completely empty either, of course, a few sleepy or not so sleepy souls still hung around, and Fuji's eyes fell on one in particular.

"Good evening to you, Mizuki."

Mizuki was still on uncertain ground with Yuuta, even though he'd been acting just fine. Every time he'd encountered that other boy, Saeki, he'd shot death daggers out of his nostrils at him. Yes, nostrils. He felt like being original. He was curled up like a cat on a rather comfortable chair, and was none too gently eased out of his quiet musings by a far too familiar voice. He did manage not to groan out loud though. "It's night time, if you hadn't noticed." He turned around enough to look at the other boy. "And of all the people in here, you want to talk to me?" There had to be something behind it.

Taking a seat on the twin of the chair Mizuki was slouched over in, Fuji shrugged. "Well... Maybe I'm bored? How are you?"

"Thanks," Mizuki said dryly. He knew it couldn't have been because of his amazing animal magnetism. "I'm as good as I'm willing to admit. You?" Banter was odd. And edgy. He automatically shifted a little way away from the side Fuji sat down on.

"I... don't know. Bored." He paused, looking down on his hands, the bruise Tezuka gave him last night slightly visible underneath his sleeve. "How is Yuuta?"

"Is the only adjective you can use 'bored' by any chance?" Mizuki asked dryly. "Yuuta, apparently, is fine." He added sharply. The last thing he wanted to do was discuss his and Yuuta's recent... happenings. "Haven't you been talking to him lately?"

"Not as much as I would have liked to, no." The brown-haired boy stifled a yawn behind his hand and watched Mizuki curiously. Something was obviously bothering him, wasn't it? "And you are sure about that?"

"As sure as the word 'apparently' lets me," Mizuki said, slightly waspishly. "You should ask himself yourself. He'll probably give you a straight answer, seeing as you’re his brother." Bitter? No. Not at all. Not one little, ickle bit.

"Well, you seem in a very good mood today, don't you?" Fuji mused, quirking an eyebrow. "Obviously something is biting you. You wouldn't want to share, hm?" And maybe that would have sounded sympathetic if it was being said in another tone. Yes. Maybe.

"I wouldn't, no." Mizuki raised an eyebrow (see? He could do it too!) and eyed Fuji. "But I will anyway," he shrugged. "It's going to get out at some point. Did you know that your brother's been sharing his school dorm room with one Saeki?" Probably, he mentally said. Fuji was friends with Saeki wasn't he?

"Yes." And he wouldn't say that little word 'and'. He wouldn't. Wouldn't. Mizuki was probably just baiting him. So he wouldn't... Oh, what the heck... "And?"

"And..." Mizuki shrugged. "Well. Presumably since I was spending all my time doing work, he spent all of his time with Saeki. In his room," he felt rather compelled to add. "Whilst Yuuta was changing." Okay, he hadn't felt compelled to say that bit. That bit just blurted out.

Oh. OH. So that was the silver chip on Mizuki's shoulder. "I'm sure it's perfectly innocent. All though Saeki tend to enjoy life a lot..."

Mizuki made glowering scary eyes at Fuji. Even though he hadn't anything to do with it. "I expect he just appreciates the male anatomy very much," he drawled sarcastically.

"Well, you do too, don't you? Nothing wrong with that, hm?"

Mizuki's eyes were going to burst if he glared anymore. Blink, boy, blink. "Yes, but I have made it perfectly clear what my intentions are. And I was completely prepared to wait for Yuuta. Now I think I'm just going to plot murder. Care to help?"

Well, if they were going to plot murder, it did sound like a good idea... However, maybe not the best idea in the world. Things might get... ugly? And Saeki was Fuji's best friend from childhood. Wouldn't want to see him zombie-fied. Too much. "How do I know you won't stab me in the back, hm?"

"I'd stab you in the front, Fuji." Mizuki was doing that dry tone thing again. "Really hard. With something really sharp. And wiggle it around a bit." There was this whole mental 'YUUTA IS MINE >O' thing going through his head at the moment. He didn't think that sharing it would help the situation one little bit.

"That's very reassuring to hear, considering the fact that the two of us are cramped up in a rather small place right now, hm?" Fuji smiled, getting to his feet. "But, I won't disturb you as you're plotting world domination, or whatever it is you're doing, so... Good night to you, Mizuki~"

"Since we're in a small space, the burst of blood would get me really messy." Mizuki was deadpanning. Scary. "I'm not plotting world domination. I'm not aiming that high just yet. Don't go warning your friend, by the way," Mizuki waggled a finger at Fuji. "I'll get your brother. It's just a matter of time. You might as well resign yourself to it." He smiled, a slightly twisted smile, since he was both thinking of Yuuta, and plotting against Saeki at the moment.

Well... Time to be serious, for once, Fuji thought as he turned his back towards Mizuki, heading towards the stairs. "You know what? I really don't care. Be there for him. Be with him. Make him happy, if you can. That's all that matters."

Mizuki's eyebrows shot up as he watched the other boy leave. "I would if he let me," he said just loud enough to be heard. He shook his head and turned back to his original pose, immersed in his own thoughts again.