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RP LOG: Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Syuusuke - • ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG • [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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RP LOG: Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Syuusuke [Feb. 14th, 2007 @ 07:48 pm]
• ZERO-SHIKI • A Prince of Tennis RPG •


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Who? Kikumaru Eiji and Fuji Syuusuke
When? Today?
What? Eiji follows Fuji to the bathroom and they are witness to what they believe may be paranormal activity.

The soft sound of snoring filled the room, but Fuji tossed and turned - in the top bulk, thanks to Tezuka - unable to sleep. It had been good to have the small contest with Shiraishi, but that he lost against the other boy again, in something as simple as table tennis was a bit rich, and kept him from being able to relax properly. If it had been curling, he was pretty sure he would have won. Yes.

His arm still hurt though, something that troubled him a bit. The bruise hadn't faded, and he had a sinking feeling a nerve might have been dislocated - if that was even possible- because it hurt, but not bad enough that he would fear for it to be broken. Tezuka's grip alone wouldn't be able to actually break his arm either, right? He wasn't that strong.

He needed a bit of fresh air anyhow.

Quietly, the young genius slipped down the ladder and landed safe and sound on the floor. He walked silently through the room, hoping he wouldn't wake anyone up, then slipped through the door.

Eiji frowned a little as he heard a bed creaking and the sound of feet hitting the floor. Clearly someone who had been sleeping on a top bunk had just left their bed, but who could it have been? Glancing over at the other side of the room from where he had been sleeping on the bottom bunk, he stared at the person who woken him up and then slowly slid out of his own bunk.

He blinked as he stared at the slim figure sneaking towards the door and decided to follow them. Now, which one of his roommates was that thin? It was either Fujiko or one of their Rokkaku roomates, but the hair looked too much like Fuji's for it to be anyone but him.

Sneaking up behind Fuji, he followed the other male out of their room and down the dark hall. He'd just follow him silently before announcing his presence. He didn't want Fuji to know he was behind him just yet.

Something made the hairs stand up in his neck, but he couldn't quite pin-point it, so instead of stopping, he ventured further down the hall, hoping he was just being paranoid. He stopped at the restrooms and slipped inside, walking over to the sink to splash a bit of cold water onto his wrist. Maybe that would ease it a little at least.

And the pipes still sounded... off.


Eiji blinked as he followed Fuji down the hall, he snuck into the bathroom behind the other, hiding in one of the stalls so that the other boy still wouldn't know he was there.

And the pipes were rattling. Maybe that's what Fuji had been talking about before? Oh well, it was probably nothing.

Was there someone there? Fuji wasn't sure, but he looked around, just in case. The last thing he wanted was having Tezuka sneak up on him from behind, or someone else for that matter. It seemed empty enough though, but... "Hello?"

Eiji surpressed a giggle as he watched Fuji glancing around the bathroom. Oh, he was surely going to realize that Eiji was hiding in here soon, but he'd keep quiet for now. Or at least try to.

Was that a sound...? Coming from that stall? Maybe. Or maybe it was the pipes. Apparently someone thought he was either being cute, or just plain freaky. Fuji rolled down the sleeve of his pajama shirt to cover up the bruise again, and approached the stall. He peeked inside and the slight frown on his face vanished as he recognized the redhead inside. "Eiji!"

Laughing a little, Eiji jumped forward and hugged Fuji loosely. "Hi Fujiko~ Did you have to pee or something?" Why else would his friend have come to the bathroom, right? He let go of the other boy, rocking back and forth on his heels as he stared at him.

Deciding not to answer that, he didn't want to lie to Eiji after all, he merely gave him a cryptic smile that could mean just about anything. "Saa~ What are you doing here?"

"Mm, I was just curious where you were going, so I followed you. That's okay, right Fujiko~?" Eiji asked, rocking his feet back and forth still.

"Of course", the other boy smiled, locking his hands behind his back as he studied Eiji carefully. He hadn't seen anything, right? "So you followed me into the bathroom, hm? That's pretty... novel."

"I hid in the stall so you wouldn't find me. But apparently I didn't hide my laugh good enough, did I?" He pouted again as he glanced around the room, shivering a little as he heard the pipes rattle again. He couldn't be the only one who was hearing that, right? "I didn't know it was a bathroom until I came in..."

"You just decided to stalk me?" Fuji chuckled, eyes traveling to the pipes as well. What was that? No one was using the water now, right? So they shouldn't make that sound... Right? Maybe they should just get out of here...

"Not stalk...just follow. I wanted to know where you were going." He admitted straight out, not wanting to beat around the bush. He probably should have just stayed in bed and waited for Fuji to come back, but now that he had followed him, there was no way Eiji was leaving Fuji alone in this creepy place. It really was scary at night. But he wasn't scared...he was just here to protect Fujiko. Not scared at all.

"That's nice of you, Eiji..." He slowly made his way towards the door - slowly because he really didn't want it to seem like he was frightened because of the strange sounds, of course he wasn't - as he suddenly thought of something: "I didn't wake you up though, right?"

Eiji followed Fuji to the door, letting his friend walk out first. He blinked slowly as his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hall once more, and glanced over at Fuji. "Sort of, but I couldn't really sleep anyway. It's okay~"

"Really?" Fuji looked over at his friend, frown back in place, and the fact that there was something in the walls - mice? - didn't help anything. "Why not?"

"The bed isn't comfy. I knew I shouldn't have played Janken pon with Amane-san for the top bunk." Eiji had lost and been forced to take the bottom bunk, even though the top bunk had the softer blankets and a much more comfortable mattress. Oh well, at least they weren't going to be here for two long. He leant against Fuji as they walked, loosing clinging to one of the boy's arms. "...Do you hear something in the walls, Fujiko?" He hoped he wasn't the only one hearing things.

"Amane is pretty good at Janken pon", Fuji mused, giving Eiji a weak smile, eyes closely scanning the walls. "And yeah... Might be mice."

Eiji returned Fuji's smile before glancing up at the walls. "Mice? Wouldn't this place be cleaner than that?" It sure looked clean from the outside at least...

"Well, I thought it was at least..." Fuji slowly approached the wall and knocked on it, frown deepening. It really didn't sound like there was any hollows in there... What was going on?

"I thought so too..." Eiji stated as he watched Fuji knock on the wall. It sure didn't sound like there was any space for mice (or anything else for that matter) to run around in there. "...Let's just go back to bed, okay Fujiko? Maybe Tezuka-buchou can check it out for us tomorrow or something?"

How come as soon as Tezuka's name was mentioned, he felt snippy like an old spinstress? He bit back his initial comment and nodded slowly at the redhead. "Yeah... But you think Tezuka'll turn out to be a good ghost buster?"

"Maybe? He's a Buchou, and they're supposed to protect their team, right?" Eiji asked as he glanced over at Fuji. Why had his friend tensed when he'd mentioned Tezuka's name?

Protect? Tezuka? Yeah, right... All though, that was what he had thought as well, so... Yeah. Right. "Mmm. We'll talk to him tomorrow. But Eiji... You think it might be a ghost?" And maybe he shouldn't sound so thrilled about that, but he did. Even if there were no such thing as ghosts... The thought was still... Exciting.

"Okay, we'll talk to him when everyone's awake?" Eiji smiled weakly, blinking more so as he felt along the wall to try and find his way back to their room. "A ghost~? Nya, I hope it's not. Not that I'm afraid of ghosts or anything, but..." He really wished Oishi was here right now, because he could protect him. Fuji was a good friend, but he didn't think the other could really fight off a ghost.

"I hope it is a ghost", Fuji grinned happily. "Maybe we could sic Mizuki on it? But then again, maybe it would never, ever be able to rest in peace if we did..."

"I hope it's not a ghost, Fujiko." Eiji pushed himself against the wall more, feeling along it for a door handle. "Sic Mizuki-san on it? Do you really think he'd scare a ghost off?"

"I think he'd scare anyone with a sane brain off. Unless it had more balls than him." He paused, winking at his friend. "I guess that means no one would be scared by him, hm? Maybe not such a good idea after all~"

Eiji gasped a little at what Fuji had said about Mizuki, swatting his friend lightly in the arm. "Now that's not very nice, Fujiko~" Sure, Eiji didn't disagree with Fuji, but it wasn't nice to say it aloud. "We could always sic Kirihara-kun on it. He's pretty creepy sometimes..."

"No one said I was nice, hm?" Fuji shrugged, his grin widening. "Kirihara might be a good option, yes." He paused suddenly, eyes widening. Had there been something down that hallway, or was his eyes playing tricks on him? What the...? "Eiji..."

"No..I guess not." Eiji stated, smiling a little as he glanced at his friend. "Mmhm, yes. He'd be good, nya?" He followed Fuji down the hall, suddenly stopping on the spot as he watched Fuji's eyes widen. "Yeah, Fujiko?" Had Fuji seen a ghost?

It couldn't have been anything there. It didn't make sense. At all. Maybe he was just being paranoid again. Yeah, that had to be it. Right...? "Uhm... No, nothing. Never mind."

Eiji blinked as he watched Fuji's face. "Are you sure?" He hadn't seen anything, but maybe Fuji had better night eyes than he did. "Let's just go to bed and deal with it tomorrow?"

The tensai nodded, hoping that he would be able to catch at least a little bit of sleep, but from the looks of it, it wasn't very likely. Oh well... "Yes." And he had never thought he'd be so happy to finally have his eyes upon the door to their shared room, but for some reason the room felt almost like a safe haven right now. Not that he was scared. Of course not. Just fascinated. "Let's hope we'll be able to sleep, nee?"

Eiji nodded, smiling weakly at the other boy. "I hope I'll be able to sleep, we'll probably have a long day ahead of tomorrow, ne?" He pushed the door to the room open, letting Fuji go in ahead of him. He hugged Fuji close for a few seconds before walking across the room and climbing into his bed. At least Amane-san was a deep sleeper and didn't snore or move too much. He might be able to sleep.

He just couldn't bring himself to return the hug, but at least he didn't stiffen up like a complete board, and that was good, wasn't it? Fuji mirrored Eiji's weak smile and climbed onto his own bulk, not sparing Tezuka a single look, and slid under the covers.

At least his wrist didn't hurt as much anymore.

Eiji cuddled under his sheets, cuddling a teddy bear to his chest. With the bear (that happened to smell like Oishi's house) in his arms, maybe he'd sleep. Hopefully. He didn't want to be yawning all through practice the next day.

[ooc: My first log! :D I'm was very excited, I hope I did okay...]